Cursillo Movement/ Movimiento de Cursillos



Make a Friend

The message of Cursillos in Christianity Movement “is the best news of all – that God loves us in Christ. This great news is communicated by the best means possible: friendship. It is directed to the best in each man or woman, that is, to his or her very being – a person with a capacity to be convinced, to make decisions and to persevere. This is so that the great news of God’s love might be communicated to as many persons as possible; so that genuine friendship might be truer in each one; so that each day there are more persons who are convinced, committed and steadfast in the Way of Christ.”

Eduardo Bonnín



“Sabemos que el Movimiento de Cursillos de Cristiandad es la mejor noticia: que Dios nos ama en Cristo. Comunicada por el mejor medio, que es la amistad. Hacia lo mejor de cada uno, que es su ser de persona: [con] capacidad de convencimiento, de decisión, y de constancia. Para que la mejor noticia pueda ir llegando a los más posibles, para que la amistad auténtica vaya siendo más verdadera en cada uno. Para que sean de cada día sean más las personas convencidas, decididas y constantes en el camino de Cristo.”

Eduardo Bonnín

Some Reflections on God’s  Mercy and Love

Next to the ocean of God’s mercy, your sin is a pebble.
He died to free you from it. Let him!

Ocean of Mercy

After an earthquake leveled his son’s school building, a father digs through the rubble for 38 straight hours, clinging to the hope that his boy is still alive.

38 Hours: A Father’s Love

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