Dr. Peter Kreeft’s conversion to Catholicism from Protestantism



Dr Peter KreeftPeter John Kreeft (born 1937) is a professor of philosophy at Boston College. He is the author of numerous books as well as a popular writer of Christian philosophy, theology and apologetics. He received an A.B. at Calvin College (1959) and an M.A. at Fordham University (1961). In the same university he completed his doctoral studies in 1965. He briefly did post-graduate studies at Yale University. He is married, has four children, and five grandchildren.

Raised a Calvinist, Kreeft has admitted regarding the Catholic Church in his early years “with the utmost suspicion.” A key turning point in his conversion to Catholicism was when he was asked by a Calvinist professor to investigate the Catholic Church’s claim that it traced its beginnings all the way back to Christ and the early Church. He said that on his own, he “discovered in the early Church such Catholic elements as the centrality of the Eucharist, the Real Presence, prayers to saints, devotion to Mary, an insistence on visible unity, and apostolic succession.” He came to the conclusion that the Church fathers such as Augustine and Jerome were clearly Catholic and not Protestant. This was the beginning of his conversion.

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